List of Episodes

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bulletThe Unholy Alliance
bulletThe Slaves of Castle Plun-darr
bulletTrouble With Time
bulletThe Terror of Hammerhand
bulletThe Tower of Traps
bulletThe Garden of Delights
bulletMandora: Evil Chaser
bulletThe Ghost Warrior
bulletThe Doom-Gaze
bulletLord of the Snows
bulletThe Spaceship Beneath the Sands
bulletThe Time Capsule
bulletThe Fireballs of Castle Plun-Darr
bulletAll that Glitters
bulletSpitting Image
bulletLion-Oís Anointment Part 1
bulletLion-Oís Anointment Part 2
bulletLion-Oís Anointment Part 3
bulletLion-Oís Anointment Part 4
bulletLion-Oís Anointment Part 5
bulletReturn to Thundera
bulletSnarf Takes Up the Challenge
bulletMandora and the Pirates
bulletThe Crystal Queen
bulletSafari Joe
bulletReturn of the Driller
bulletTurmagar the Tuska
bulletSixth Sense
bulletDr. Dometone
bulletThe Astral Prison
bulletQueen of 8 Legs
bulletDimension Doom
bulletThe Rock Giant
bulletThe Thunder-Cutter
bulletMechanical Plague
bulletThe Demolisher
bulletFeliner Part 1
bulletFeliner Part 2
bulletThe Secret of the Ice King
bulletSword in the Hole
bulletThe Wolfrat
bulletGood and Ugly
bulletDivide and Conquer
bulletThe Super-Power Potion
bulletThe Evil Harp of Char-Nin
bulletTight Squeeze
bulletMonkianís Bargain
bulletOut of Sight
bulletJackalmanís Rebellion
bulletThe Mountain
bulletEye of the Beholder
bulletThe Mumm-ra Berbil
bulletTrouble With Thunderkittens
bulletThe Transfer
bulletThe Shifter
bulletDream Master
bulletFond Memories
bulletThundercats HO! Part 1
bulletThundercats HO! Part 2
bulletThundercats HO! Part 3
bulletThundercats HO! Part 4
bulletThundercats HO! Part 5
bulletMumm-Ra Lives! Part 1
bulletMumm-Ra Lives! Part 2
bulletMumm-Ra Lives! Part 3
bulletMumm-Ra Lives! Part 4
bulletMumm-Ra Lives! Part 5
bulletPsych Out
bulletThe Mask of the Gorgon
bulletThe Mad Bubbler
bulletTogether We Stand
bulletRavage Island
bulletTime Switch
bulletSound Stones
bulletDay of the Eclipse
bulletSide Swipe
bulletMumm-Ranaís Belt
bulletHachimanís Honor
bulletHair of the Dog
bulletVulturemanís Revenge
bulletThundercubs! Part 1
bulletThundercubs! Part 2
bulletThundercubs! Part 3
bulletThundercubs! Part 4
bulletThundercubs! Part 5
bulletThe Totem of Dera
bulletThe Chain of Loyalty
bulletCrystal Canyon
bulletTelepathy Beam
bulletExile Isle
bulletKey of Thundera
bulletReturn of the Thundercubs
bulletThe Formula
bulletLocket of Lies
bulletBracelet of Power
bulletThe Wild Workout
bulletThe Thunderscope
bulletThe Jade Dragon
bulletThe Circus Train
bulletThe Last Day
bulletReturn to Thundera Part 1
bulletReturn to Thundera Part 2
bulletReturn to Thundera Part 3
bulletReturn to Thundera Part 4
bulletReturn to Thundera Part 5
bulletThe Heritage
bulletScrew Loose
bulletHelpless Laughter
bulletCrackerís Revenge
bulletThe Mossland Monster
bulletMa-Muttís Confusion
bulletShadow Master
bulletSwan Song
bulletThe Touch of Amortus
bulletThe Zaxx Factor
bulletWell of Doubt
bulletBook of Omens

Summaries of each episode will be provided by various people, although Rob Berry was the one to come up with the idea of having an episode list with summaries here in the first place and likely will do most of the synopses.  Names of the writers for about half of the episodes listed were graciously supplied by Silvercat.  The default picture is one which was created by Zhie, while the other pictures were taken from one of the following sources:

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