Drunken Bengali's Stuff

Back when I began Panthro's Pad, I had every intention of giving each of the ThunderCats their little space to express themselves.  Snarfer had the episode guide, Cheetara has a psychic friend's network, and Panthro himself posted pictures from his trips during Spring Break.  Upon reaching Bengali, I found I had already used up all the good titles, and went with Drunken Ben's for the time being, but the name has stuck around longer than the Pad itself did.  So grab your bottle of Berzerker Brand Whiskey and join Ben at the end of the bar.

This Pikachu was originally adopted a long time ago, for the pad.  It used to walk across the top of the homepage, but now it makes it's home here.
This used to connect to a web site where one could adopt a Pikachu, but alas, said site exists no more.  You'll just have to swipe a clone copy of this one if you're so inclined.

"The Snarf Hunter" ***NEW***
As my entry into the humor olympics that Purrsia was hosting on her TCAVI yahoo group, I have merged something wholesome (the tracking of crocodiles for family educational programming) and something evil (snarves) to bring you...The Snarf Hunter!
"Did You Just Grab My Ass?"
This little nugget of joy came about from a popular phrase I heard a lot from Frick.  In real life, she's the older of my younger sisters, but in the ThunderCats community, she's the aloof lunatak Frick, half psy, half ice, 100% flirt.
"Who Kicked Lion-o's Smarmy Ass?"
Oh, the wonderment of it all.  Can you figure out who kicked Lion-o's smarmy ass?  Dedicated to ThunderWolf.
Inappropriate Rammastide Greetings
On Third Earth, I learned early of the tradition of Rammastide, a gift giving festival at the end of the year.  Usually, Rammastide brings decorated houses and huts, Rammastide cookies, and Rammastide cards.  This year, I received a few cards that were just wrong, plain and simple.  And from my fellow ThunderCats, no less.
Cheetara's Mirror: 7th Dimension Psychic Friends Network
Move over Miss Cleo, dis here is da real ting, babies.  Come on over and talk to Cheetara - guaranteed much more accurate than Jugga!
Kit and Kat's Practical Jokes Page
I almost ditched this from the plans, but I decided I should include it for sake of posterity.  Or, at least so that I can say I updated the site.
Panthro's Spring Break '99
During Spring Break of 1999, Panthro decided he was gonna party like it was 1999...because it was 1999.  So he packed his bags and spent two weeks down at the MTV Beach house, for sand, sun, and ladies.  Yeah.
Tygra's Weekly Thunderian Astrology
One of the carryovers from the old site, it was a good idea when it first started.  The only problem is, Tygra hasn't updated it since the first time, so it's more of a perpetual weekly horoscope.
Lion-o's Ad-Libbing Game
This was not one of the original features of Panthro's Pad.  The ad-libbing game came about almost two years after everything else had.  I had been determined to that point not to allow Lion-o to have a page on the site, but eventually, I ran out of other ThunderCats to use.
Everyone knows they call him Jaga the Wise because, let's face it, he's the only one smarmier than Lion-o himself.  Take a look at some of the better known phrases of Jaga.

This is Melvin, the rat that has inhabited Drunken Ben's for many a year now.  He keeps the place crumb free.This is the gelert that Bengali got for his birthday from Frick.  His name is Benneika and he basically doesn't do much of anything right now except sit around and look pretty...





Whoa!  How'd Panthro get down here and not Benni?  'Cause we all know who's *really* behind this site, keepin' the servers hummin' and the code runnin'.
You are Panthro!

You are amazingly strong and quite talented with things mechanical.
You have a touch of stubbornness, but no one can call you a quitter.
You always defend your friends, and you love a good villain whoopin'
almost as much as you love cruising in the Thundertank.

What Thundercat Are You? at Cheezey's Thundercats Zone

Hell yeah!  Wait...I'm seeing a theme here...big, bald, and sorta blue...hmmm....and pointy ears...
You are Alluro!

You are brilliant, suave, and wickedly charming.
No one on this or any other planet can resist your mental powers.
Instead they are beguiled by your suave ways and often tricked into doing your bidding.
Unfortunately you are all too aware of this,
and your high opinion of yourself ultimately may be your undoing.

What Lunatac Are You? at Cheezey's Thundercats Zone.