October 2003 Artist of the Month - Al November 2003 Artist of the Month - Jotun

Blue Room Gallery - October 2003 Artist - Al - PG13 Rating [Nudity]

Red Room Gallery - November 2003 Artist - Jotun - NC17 Rating [Het & Slash Content]



Previous Artists of the Month

January 2003 - Purrsia

December 2002 - Faero

November 2002 - Al

October 2002 - Fluffy

September 2002 - Red Lioness


Are you interested in being a featured artist on this website?  Use the form located here.  Featured artists must have at least five (5) completed images that relate the the realm of ThunderCats fan art in either .jpg or .gif format that are their original creations.  You may submit up to ten (10) images for inclusion if you are chosen to be a featured artist.  You retain all rights to your work, we just put it up on the page and make the borders look nice and pretty and people come here and look at it.