Artist of the Month Form

Are you interested in being a featured artist on this website?  Featured artists must have at least five (5) completed images that relate the the realm of ThunderCats fan art in either .jpg or .gif format that are their original creations.  You may submit up to ten (10) images for inclusion if you are chosen to be a featured artist.  (If you only have five pieces of ThunderCats fan art, and would like to submit five others of a different nature, I have been known to make an exception or two or ten)  You retain all rights to your work, we just put it up on the page and make the borders look nice and pretty and people come here and look at it.

Artists of the month will also be given a nifty graphic that they may display on their own website to show others that they were an artist of the month.  It will look much like the example below, except it will have the name of the artist and the month and year to match.

Our very first Artist of the Month!  Woohoo!

You may either use the form provided below, or contact me by sending a message and the images as attachments, or, if they already exist online, giving me the locations of the files.  Use to send information, and be sure to include the subject Artist of the Month so that I know what you're sending.  Contact me if you have any difficulties using the form.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to feature you as the artist of the month soon!

Please be sure to type all information as you would like it to appear on the artist of the month page.

Your name:
Web Site:

Your vision as an artist, or any other notes you'd like to include on your gallery page.  Also, if you have a preference for the colors used for your gallery, include those, too, including specific color (eg., #FF0044) if you know what it is.  Default gallery colors are red and burgundy:

Once you've submitted the form, it will take a day or two for it to get to me (Translation: I don't check my email very often).  I will send a message back to you telling you which months are available, and explaining how the pictures themselves can be sent.  Thanks!