Other Allies

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Even though the ThunderCats were able to hold their own against many enemies, it always helps to have a few others who agree with your cause.


The Berbils are furry mechanical sentient bears from the planet Ro-Bear.  They are a peaceful race, and likely the greatest ally of the ThunderCats.  Farmers by nature, the Berbils harvest various crops, such as veggiefruit, meatfruit, and candyfruit, in their fields on Third Earth.  They are led by Ro-Bear Bill, who can be spotted in a crowd by his round, red nose.

Warrior Maidens

Living in the Tree Top Kingdom, the Warrior Maidens were the premier group on Third Earth before the ThunderCats landed on the planet.  After some initial caution, the Warrior Maidens eventually became allies with the ThunderCats.  They are a race of warrior women, led by Queen Willa, the bravest of the Warrior Maidens, and her young sister, Nada.  Willa is in the foreground of this picture, and usually appears with a large red flower tucked behind one ear.