Other Enemies

Home Characters Stories Games Guest Book Chat Message Board Contact LinksThunderCats Mutants Lunataks Other Allies Other Enemies Many villains have been introduced, not only on the series, but in the comic books as well.  More will be added as pictures become available.


Mumm-ra is the main villain that the ThunderCats have to deal with.  His goal is the same as the mutants - to obtain the Sword of Omens.  On occasion, he alters it to include the destruction of the ThunderCats, but his intent is always against our heroes.  He often enlists the help of others, but has yet to succeed, even with the help of the Ancient Spirits of Evil which give him his powers.


A disguise used by Mumm-ra, his purpose was to be allowed into the lair where he could best attempt to steal the sword and defeat the ThunderCats.

Grune the Destroyer

Grune may be one of the most terrifying of all of the villains, due to the fact that he was once a ThunderCat himself.  Grune's weapon is a mace, which he dipped at one time in Thundrainium in order to weaken the ThunderCats he was fighting.  His greatest asset is that he is a ghost, and difficult to battle.

Safari Joe accompanied by Mule

Safari Joe came to Third Earth in search of game to hunt.  His prey: The ThunderCats.  With his robot Mule, he was able to track down and capture nearly all of the ThunderCats - but was unaware of how to deal with a bucket-kicking Snarf.