Home Characters Stories Games Guest Book Chat Message Board Contact LinksThunderCats Mutants Lunataks Other Allies Other Enemies The Lunataks are lunar Plun-darrians, having come from various moons of Plun-darr.  Each of them has certain skills that would make them formidable foes as a team, but they can't seem to work together.  Their fortress, Sky Tomb, is unique, as it is mobile but it requires vast amounts of energy to maintain.


Luna functions as the leader of the group, yet she does not have total support of the others.  She also has the ability to control and ride atop Amok.


Luna's faithful steed, Amok's size alone works to his advantage.  He has been known to defeat opponents simply by squeezing them into submission.  Amok's one weakness, it seems, is his sweet tooth and love for candy.


Alluro's specialty is convincing others to do what he tells them to - with the aid of his psyche club.  His mental strength is often a challenge to the ThunderCats. 


Chilla's icy personality complements her power of breathing a mist that freezes victims and traps them in ice.  She can reverse the effect by generating beams of heat energy.  Chilla has a mode of transportation separate from Sky Tomb - the Ice Runner.


Red-Eye's heightened sense of sight gives him the advantage of being able to 'see' heat.  His main weapon is a disk attached to his chest armor that his throws at enemies.  He is also the main controller of operations of Sky Tomb.

Tug Mug

Tug Mug's heritage allows him to jump great heights, and to land uninjured.  His weapon of choice is the gravity carbine, which can either increase or decrease the victim's gravity, causing them to float in the air or sink to the ground.