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This page is the gateway to the ThunderCubs message board.  This message board is designed for younger users, specifically, users who do not wish to read postings that have information that would be considered adult, or have to worry about people taking personal offense and turning discussions and debates into mudslinging fests. 

It is asked that you do not post any information that would go against these simple rules on this message board.  Posting on this message board means that you understand the rules as set out above.  Disregarding said rules may lead to your posts being deleted or of your banning from the message board.  There are numerous other ThunderCats message boards available for those who wish to post on such a board.

This message board is moderated, but we can not moderate the board 24 hours a day.  Therefore, if you do find any posts that are contrary to the design of the board, please contact a board moderator.

You are also not required to register to post or read messages, but registering is suggested so that another user does not use your name.

 Thank you.

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