In Your Dreams

By Cou_grr

“Good morning, Snarf.”  Lion-o swung his legs over the bed and stretched 
himself out.  It had been a long evening, helping Tygra figure out the exact 
population numbers and statistics, and practicing the speech Cheetara had 
written for him for the ceremony.
Today, he would unveil the Jaga Memorial Training School, a special college 
for the youth of the New Thundera society who believed in the code, and had 
the strength, courage, and will to enroll.  A series of tests needed to be 
passed before one would be admitted, and even then, the curriculum would be 
Lion-o watched as Snarf simply rolled over at the foot of the bed.  The 
lord had never grown too old to have his fury companion by his side, or in 
this case, at his feet.  Stumbling somewhat down to the kitchen, he fixed 
himself toast and a glass of juice and took a seat in the vacant kitchen.
“Morning, love.  Sleep well?” was the music that greeted his ears as he 
started in on breakfast.  Pumyra hovered over him in an instant, kneading 
his tired shoulders as she spoke.  “Sorry I had watch last night.  You could 
have traded Snarf for me, you know.”  She teased.
“Mmm, good morning, sweetheart.”  He craned his neck around and his lips 
gently brushed against hers.  “It’s my fault, anyway.  I’m the one who makes 
the schedules, remember?” he said with a smile as she took the seat across 
from him.
“Think you could schedule a little mutual off time for us once all this 
dedication ceremony stuff is out of the way?” asked the cougar as she eyed 
up the muscular thunderian leader.
“Oh, I think I can pull a few strings.”  He said, leaning forward to kiss 
her.  Unexpectedly, he was thrown off the chair and onto the floor.  “The 
heck - we must be under attack!”  Lifting himself from the ground, he made 
his way around obstacles of chairs, doors, and other Thundercats before 
reaching the control room.
“Hi, Lion-o.  Something wrong?” asked Panthro, reading the expression of 
concern from the lion’s face.
“Didn’t you feel the building shake?  It was like the lair was being fired 
on!” exclaimed Lion-o.
“Nope, didn’t feel a thing.  You all right?” asked the panther, still 
“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, I….maybe I just slipped off my chair.” Reasoned 
“Well…okay.” Panthro seemed as unsure of Lion-o’s answer as Lion-o himself 
did as the lord left the room.
He managed to get only about six paces down the hall before he began to be 
shaken around violently again.  This time, he ducked into a broom closet.  
There was much less space than in the hallway, and less of a distance for 
him to be thrown about in.
The jostling continued for what seemed like hours, but when he attempted to 
open the door, he found it to be jammed shut.  In a panic, he kicked at it, 
screamed out for help, and finally grabbed hold of a mop, clutching it 
tightly against himself as he squeezed his eyes shut.
He opened one eye.  Darkness surrounded him.
Both eyes, now.  Blinking.  Vision was hazy.  He was on his back, and in 
such a smaller area than before, it seemed.
One foot came forward to strike the door.  Then the other.  Within seconds, 
he was flailing about, kicking and pounding both fists wildly around at 
anything they could hit.
Light exploded as the door opened.  “Here you are.  We were worried about 
you.”  A hand was extended to Lion-o, which he took hold of.  One which was 
coupled with a familiar voice - Tygra’s, to be exact.
“Thank you, Tygra.” He said, somewhat embarrassed.  His own voice sounded 
higher pitched and raspier than normal - due most likely to the screaming 
he’d done earlier.
“At your service, Lord Lion-o.”  replied the tiger, helping Lion-o to his 
feet.  To the lion’s horror, he was unable to look Tygra in the eyes.
“What happened?” he exclaimed in that same, small voice.
“Thundera was destroyed.  We had to relocate here.”  Tygra outstretched his 
arms, motioning to the hundreds of other thunderians who were climbing from 
suspension pods which covered the entire landscape.  More were raining down, 
all the way out to the horizon.
“I  -   I know that.  But  -  I’m little!  I’m just a cub!” he protested.
“Although we left Thundera nearly two decades ago, the capsules kept us 
from aging.”
There was a sick feeling building in his stomach.  “Where’s Snarf?” asked 
the cub.  “I want to talk to him.”
Tygra cast his eyes downward.  “I’m afraid that even with the suspension 
pods, sometimes, oversights occur.  Snarf did not survive the journey.” He 
explained as Lion-o’s mouth hung open.  “And…neither did Cheetara or 
Panthro.” He added sadly.
Lion-o shivered, trying to ignore the tears running down his face.  
“But…but what about the Berbils?  And Mumm-ra?  And Hook Mountain, and 
Snowmeow, and Snowman, and Hatchiman?  What about the Lunataks, the 
Berzerkers, Safari Joe, and the Warrior Maidens, and Officer Mandora?  
And…and what about Snarfer, Lynx-o, Bengali, and Pumyra?” Asked Lion-o, 
looking up at the tiger, visibly shaking now.  Wilykit and Wilykat looked on 
from not far away, somewhat in awe of the imagination Lion-o seemed to have.
“Lion-o,” said Tygra, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “You must have 
been dreaming.”

The End

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