Home Characters Stories Games Guest Book Chat Message Board Contact LinksThunderCats Mutants Lunataks Other Allies Other Enemies The ThunderCats hail from the planet Thundera, a planet that was sadly destroyed.  After rebuilding their home base of Cat's Lair on Third Earth, they not only discovered other Thundarians on Third Earth, but later found out that their planet had reformed.  They carry out the code of Truth, Honor, Justice, and Loyalty, while working as a team to protect and bring peace and prosperity.

Original ThunderCats


Lion-O is the Lord of the ThunderCats, and wielder of the legendary Sword of Omens.  It is his duty to uphold the Code of Thundera, and to lead the other ThunderCats in their mission.


Tygra is often considered to be the second-in-command, and is also the leader of the High Council.  Highly intellectual, Tygra is an architect and scientist as well.  He has strong mental capabilities which allow him to create believable illusions, including invisibility.  His weapon is a bolo whip.


Cheetara's speed can hardly be matched by man or machine, giving her the title Cheetara the Swift.  An undeveloped sixth sense gives her visions of present happenings, and in later times allowed for telekinetic abilities.  Her weapon of choice is a retractable energy staff.


Panthro spends much of his time tinkering with new vehicles and gadgets, and is an extremely valuable member of the team in battles.  He carries with him his nunchucks, which conceal within them various substances.


Wilykat is one half of the Thunderkittens, twin ThunderCats who are cunning, clever, and mischievous.  Though more timid than his sister, Wilykat has been known to make rash decisions without thinking things through. 


Wilykit makes up the other half of the Thunderkittens.  Slightly more outgoing than her brother, she tends to be a bit more cautious than Wilykat when she takes a minute to think things out.


On Thundera, Snarf was Lion-o's nursemaid.  On Third Earth, and later on New Thundera, he took on the job of chef and chief pantry stocker.  No matter where he was, Snarf showed on many occasions to be a warrior in his own right, and was able to save the team a few times, too.

New ThunderCats


Introduced later in the history of the show, Pumyra proved herself not only to be a fighter, but also a capable healer.  Sadly, she was not used often on the show and her character was left largely undeveloped.  Her weapon of choice is a rope sling, which she uses to shot pellets and other small objects at enemies.


Thought of as the youngest of the adult ThunderCats, Bengali is likely in his very late teens or very early twenties.  Some signs also point to the idea that Bengali might be the younger brother of ThunderCat Tygra.  Bengali's weapon is the Hammer of Thundera, which he uses as a tool in his trade as a blacksmith.


Lynx-o narrowly escaped the destruction of Thundera with Bengali and Pumyra by being rescued by a pair of Berbils, yet was left blinded.  He doesn't not see his loss of sight as a disadvantage, rather he uses the advantages that he has by his other senses being heightened.  Lynx-o is a tough fighter and employs hand-to-hand combat, but also has a light shield that he can use to temporarily blind his enemies.


Snarfer is the nephew of Snarf, or as Snarfer calls him, Uncle Osbert.  Snarfer is a novice engineer, and a graduate of Snarf College.

Old Thundera ThunderCats



Claudus is the father of Lion-o, and a previous Lord of the ThunderCats.  This blinded leader stayed behind on Thundera to be sure that the flagship carrying his son and the Sword of Omens was able to take off safely, and was then captured by the Shadowmaster.  Years later when he was released by his son, he joined Jaga in the Astral Plane.


Jaga was and still is Lion-o's mentor and in some ways, a father figure to him.  Jaga insisted that the rest of the ThunderCats on the flagship enter their suspension pods while he piloted the ship to Third Earth.  Due to his age, Jaga perished during the journey, but still comes to Lion-o from the Astral Plane to offer advice. 


Even though she is still alive and well on New Thundera, this ThunderCat is an obvious throwback to days of old.  Jagara is the watcher of the Gyroscope, the inner workings of the planet of New Thundera that regulates the rotation of the planet and the gravitational pull.  She is also a sorceress of sorts.


Once a great ThunderCat, Grune began an army, struck fear in the hearts of Thundarians, and was eventually defeated and banished by his ally and friend, Jaga.