Porcelain and Gold

By Mei


Her long legs were draped over his shoulders as he pistoned her furiously, both were moaning and sighing as they rushed towards mutual physical relief. His back arched, changing the angle of his penetration to benefit his partner until she lifted off of the bed, crying out her release. He followed soon after and gently cradled her in his embrace, the tears streamed down both of their faces as they kissed tenderly.

Each were grieving. He for a fallen gwador he had known since the human had been a toddler. She for the loss of a love that she never had an opportunity to nurture. They grieved for the same man Aragorn son of Arathorn.

After waiting for everyone to find their beds at the keep, she had gone to the elf's quarters in the silence of the late night, hoping to convey her sympathy. But upon sight of his pain filled cerulean eyes, she held out her arms to comfort him and instead their lips meshed in need. Need to soothe the grief, need to drive the demons away even for a few stolen moments but most of all need to feel close to someone else who experienced the same anguish.

"Who stands to the right of Legolas?" Eowyn whispered as she tugged upon her brother's sleeve, pulling his gaze to also rest on the elven delegation. They stood before the white tree of Gondor, watching as Aragorn was crowned Elessar King.

Eomer shrugged and quirked a bushy eyebrow. "I know not. Guessing by the matching circlets, I would say he is the prince's consort." He turned to look into the now upturned face of his beloved sister. "The elves, I understand, have unusual mating rituals."

Her curiosity was such that through the rest of the coronation ceremony, she stole glances at the golden Mirkwood prince and his silver haired companion. Her cheeks bloomed as her thoughts strayed to that passion filled night at Helm's deep and she could not help but wonder how it would have been had they not been so saddened.

The confetti flew through the air, obstructing the view of the elves from mortals who struggled to focus through the blur. Haldir took the opportunity to address his spouse. "There is a fetching gold- haired maiden that has been casting her eyes our way. Although me thinks she believes she has been sly in her observation."

Legolas chuckled as he reached for Haldir's hand, intertwining their fingers. "Nothing escapes your watchful gaze, my love." He turned to see whom it was that had caught Haldir's eyes. "Eowyn." His reply was quiet and for a moment his eyes misted.

"Eowyn?" Haldir turned concerned eyes to his mate and leaned over to press a soft kiss to his cheek. "I owe her a great debt for the comfort she gave you, not allowing you to fall into despair."

The subject of their discussion suddenly looked up, as if she had heard the call of her name on the wind. It was in a moment where the trickling bits of colored paper cleared, offering an open view of the Mirkwood prince. Such a touching moment, she thought catching the tender interlude and kiss. She sighed and turned back towards her own betrothed. Although her heart truly loved Faramir, she still yearned for one last touch of the golden elf.

Eowyn had been wandering the gardens, trying to rid her mind of earlier thoughts. She worked her way through a maze of hedges before finding herself in a secluded area of the garden she had never been to. It was surrounded by a short stone fence and to the side there sat hedges higher than any other she had seen in the rest of the gardens. The grass appeared plush, so she paused to remove her shoes and socks and then sunk the soles of her feet into the soft grass. She wiggled her toes, giggling at the tickling sensation and then she froze at the sound of voices.

"Mmmfff, Meleth...yessssss 'Las...suck...ooh yessss...harder." The voice was soft and unrecognizable.

Eowyn blushed but still crept her way to the edge of the hedges until she could peek around them. The sight that met her stopped her in her tracks and she could not tear her eyes from the tableau.

A thick blue blanket covered the lawn, the unknown silver elf lay with his head propped upon some wadded clothing and his feet faced her. He was quite nude while Legolas, who was equally so, was hunched over his waist with the tip of the silver one's erection between his lips. She watched as the Mirkwood prince bobbed his head in a slow rhythm while his hands roamed the pale flawless skin of his lover. To her eyes, they were beautiful and a small throb between her legs indicated she was quite affected by it.

The Rohirrim maid stifled a squeak, but not before Haldir's eyes snapped open and he caught sight of their audience. She blushed furiously, mumbled an apology before turning around clumsily and dropping her shoes and socks. Dropping to her knees, she hurriedly grabbed her things but not before feeling a hand pressed firmly on her shoulders.

"Lady Eowyn." Her name was said with such obvious sensuality in a deep tenor that caressed the syllables of her name. She tilted her head up to find the silver elf looking down upon her. Haldir stood before her, bare from the top of his head to the elegant arches of his feet. "Porcelain and Gold." His comment stayed the still frenzied movements of her hands and her jaw dropped.

Porcelain and gold. It was something Legolas had said to her that night at Helm's Deep. He could only have known that if Legolas had mentioned it to him. Still she was mute, unsure of what to say.

"'Las, you did not exaggerate. She is flawless...porcelain and gold." Haldir rubbed her cheek lightly with an index finger and bent to kiss her lightly on the lips. "And sweet as honey. Do not be afraid little one, I only wish to show you my gratitude." His hand extended and for what reason, Eowyn did not know, she took his hand trustingly.

"Eowyn." Legolas was at her side making introductions. "My consort, Haldir." He waved a hand at the silver elf but it was quite unnecessary for Haldir was already bending to nuzzle her cheek. After taking her other hand in his, Legolas smiled. "You kept me from darkness and to that we are both indebted to you." He dropped his head to capture her lips, slipping his tongue past her teeth to explore within.

She was in a dream. There was no other explanation for this. No explanation to why she stood so willingly before the two naked elven males and why she did not say anything as they peeled her gown from her form. Nor could she possibly explain why she did not protest as they tugged her down to kneel on the blanket with them.

Haldir was behind her, caressing her spine and placing kisses over her shoulder while one of his arms wrapped around her to cup a small breast. Legolas continued kissing her, his tongue dueling with hers while he cupped her sex, slipping a finger between the deep cleft. Her head fell back so that the golden waves of her hair cascaded over Haldir's, mixing the two textures in a kaleidoscope of silver, gold and the blue of the blanket.

Haldir moved around so that he too could share her lips, the two elves took turns stealing her breath, while they continued to caress both her flesh and each other's. Haldir's one hand continued to squeeze her breasts and flick her nipples while the other grasped his spouse's engorged erection. Legolas shifted down, releasing her lips to Haldir to travel down her torso. His tongue trailed down to her breasts, licking both the hardened nubs and his husband's fingers. Then he moved lover, to the downy gold curls at the apex of her thighs and nudged her knees apart so he could pay homage to her center.

Eowyn was on fire, the sensations washed over her as she lost track of whose hands were where and how she could return the favor. In a moment of brief clarity, the words ran through her mind. 'Indebted to you' These two elves were selflessly giving her pleasure for neither had demanded she return the attention, instead intent on giving her as much sensory overload as possible. She reached out for anything and found Haldir's erection, stroking it lightly with her fingertips. He bucked into her hand and deepened his kiss, sucking her tongue and giving her no opportunity to catch her breath.

"Please." she pleaded. "Let me give you pleasure."

"Ah but you are little one." Haldir responded, whispering against her ear and pinching her nipple.

Legolas slipped a finger into her sheathe, and lifted his head. "Much pleasure, but I think you need more."

"Yesssss." Eowyn hissed.

The two elves released her gently, moving so that Eowyn lay on her back. Haldir nestled himself between her legs and lifted her until he was buried deep within, her legs lifted so that her calves rested on his shoulders. He moved slowly, watching her reaction as her cheeks flushed pink and her hands moved over her torso to tweak her own nipples. She licked her lips when she saw Legolas stand before Haldir, offering his member to his waiting lips.

"Please." she panted. "I want to watch."

A slow seductive smile curved Haldir's lips and he turned his face, taking as much of Legolas' length into his mouth while the prince fisted his hands in the silver strands. New heat pulsed within Eowyn at the sight, drenching Haldir's erection so that he increased his rhythm. They continued like this for some time stroking, licking, caressing, pinching, sucking until in a mind numbing moment, Eowyn's erotic flight came crashing down. Her orgasm wracked her slender frame, begging for both Haldir and Legolas' tributes which they did so loudly and with much gratification.

The elder elf tsked as he draped a large blanket over the three tangled figures in the garden. Thank the Valar that Elessar King had thought to give his liege's son and son-in-law their own private suite with garden. He would have been so embarrassed if their constant public displays of affection were shown to all of Gondor, like it was in both Mirkwood and Lorien. At least it wouldn't be like the time those blasted dwarves escaped the dungeons. He would make sure that the seduction of the Rohirrim princess never got back to Thranduil's ears.

Turning, Galion returned indoors to ensure the king of Rohan did not go looking for his sister.