Cartoon Information

List of Episodes

This episode listing includes title information, who was credited with writing the episode, and any other pertinent information that I could come up with.  This guide  does not yet contain synopses.

List of Characters

This character listing provides information such as character name, weapon of choice, special powers, and other information that might be helpful in identifying a particular character.

Character Biographies

Since I have neither the time nor the resources to write the biographies of all of the characters, I'm slowly but steadily working up biographical entries for the main characters.

Cast Listing

A list of the voice actors and actresses that were involved in the production of the ThunderCats cartoon, as well as any others who may have played a role in the show's creation or production.  I have tried to include photos whenever I was able to find them.

Original Comic Information

Featuring images and other information on and about the original comics and annuals published.

New Comic Information

Check back often for updates on the comic, and other features such as frequently asked questions and pictures of the covers.

Related Print Materials

Many other printed resources, including books and magazines, were produced.  Take a look at this section for information on these items.


Everything from toys and pencil toppers to drinking cups and...Lion-O underwear?  It's true, it's true.