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When Universes Collide
Get the scoop on the crossover between ThunderCats and Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) from this article at Comic Pulse.  November 10, 2002.

ThunderCats 2: Not What You Were Expecting
Click here to link to an interview with Ford Gilmore at the Comic Pulse, from November 10, 2002.  You can also post your comments about the interview there.

Thunder Rumbles Twice in August
Cover, as well as the article, found in Comic Shop News number 787, the August 2002 issue.  The publication is free and is distributed via comic shops (hence the name), so if you can get to your local shop, make sure you pick up a copy.

Cat Scratch Fever: '80s mania swells with 'ThunderCats' mini-series
Article and images from the July, 2002 Wizard: The Comic's Magazine. [Scanned]

Thunder...Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERCATS - Hooooooo!!!
Cover, images, and article from the June, 2002 issue of Previews: The Comic Shop's Catalog. [Scanned]

Earl Hammond - In Memoriam
Text from the obituary that appeared in the May 29, 2002 edition of the Buffalo News.