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This is by no means a complete listing of other sites with Thundercats related information.  If there is a site that you would like to suggest, or if you would like to see your site listed, please send me an email, and don't forget to include the url.  Right now, there are over 100 places for you to check out, and I hope there is at least one you've yet to see.

If you place the cursor over the symbol before each link, a description will appear for you.  Below, I have listed what the color codes for the links mean, for easy access to what you are seeking.

New sites are in green.

Sites I visit the most or find the most helpful are in yellow.

Portals are in orange, these being places that will lead you to other links, but not content.

Dead links are found here, kept for reference in case they should ever return.

Mega sites, sites with an extreme amount of information, are denoted by a red box around the icon.


Websites (Fanon) [In English] [51]

[Links]All Star Comics - ThunderCats

[Cast Info - Character List - Links]Bengalli 25's Homepage

[Character List - Episode Guide - Lunie Lists - Lightbulb Jokes]Blue Moon: The Lunatac Fringe

[Forum - General Info]Cat's Lair

[Mega Site - ThunderCats Drinking Game]Cheezey's Thundercats Zone

[Fan Fiction - Fan Art - Poll - Episode Guide - Links]Chetania's Home Page

[General Info - Images - Links]Drew's ThunderCats Lair

[Mega Site - Hacked - Thundarian Bar - Lunar Pub - Snarf Facts, Uses, & Bumper Stickers]Elven Thunder [Kith Kanen]

[Fan Fiction - Fan Art - Sound Clips - Riverdance Tygra]Everybody Comes to Tygra's! (NineTiger)

[Character List - Episode Guide - Links - Images - Random Musings]   The Generic ThunderCats Page

[Character List - Episode Guide - Links - Images - Random Musings]   Guardians of Thundera

[Mega Site - Gruneisms - Ask Grune - Top Ten - First Earth Quotes]   Grune the Mighty (Thunderwolf)

Jacob's Thundercats Page

Jammer's Thundercats PageORama 

The Jazz Man's *New and Improved* Homepage

Jena's Lair

Klepfer's 80s Cartoon Implosion

Lady Bast's ThunderCat Fanfics

Lefty's Thundercat House

Marisa's ThunderCats' Website

[Character List - Sound Clips]Minion Control (Phil Postma)

[Character List - Sound Clips]Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living's Page of the ThunderCats

[Character List - Sound Clips]Mumm-ra's Pyramid

[Character List - Sound Clips]Mumm-ra's Pyramid of Power

[Character List - Sound Clips]Pulczar Allexleocat's ThunderCats Lair

[Character List - Sound Clips]Pumyra's Pub

[Character List - Sound Clips]Return to Thundera (Purrsia)

[Character List - Sound Clips]Queen Cheetah's Domain

[Character List - Sound Clips]Realm of Al

[Character List - Sound Clips]Red LIoness's ThunderCats Pride

[Character List - Sound Clips]RetroBug ThunderCats   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Shark's Feeding Grounds

[Character List - Sound Clips]Sky Tomb (Al)

[Character List - Sound Clips]Spark_mx Temple

[Character List - Sound Clips]Stormwatcher's Sanctuary

[Character List - Sound Clips]Tatiana's Asylum

[Character List - Sound Clips]Temple of the ThunderCats

[Character List - Sound Clips]Third Earth

[Character List - Sound Clips]Thundera Tiger's Page

[Character List - Sound Clips]Thundercats Collection Toy Archive

[Character List - Sound Clips]Thundercats Erotic Fan Art (Louie)
[Fan Art]   

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats Forever

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats' Lair - ThunderCats Episode Trading Center

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCubs!

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats: New Thundera

[Character List - Sound Clips]A Thunderian Photo Album (Altaicus)

[Character List - Sound Clips]Tigra's ThunderCats Page (A J Angel)

[Character List - Sound Clips]The Tower of Omens (Mark Spilker)

[Character List - Sound Clips]Ultimate ThunderCats Page

[Character List - Sound Clips]Welcome! [Chetania]

[Character List - Sound Clips]Wileykitt's Funkyass Homepage

Websites (Canon) [In English] [1]

[Character List - Sound Clips]Rankin and Bass  

Websites [In Other Languages] [6]

Babelfish Translation [For translating the following into other languages]


[Character List - Sound Clips]Cosmocats [French]

[Character List - Sound Clips]Cosmocats [French (Song Lyrics)]   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Cosmocats/Thundercats [French - France]   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Spark_mx Temple [Spanish & English - Mexico] (Spark)

[Character List - Sound Clips]Thundera [French & English - France] (Cedric Gadiollet)   

[Character List - Sound Clips] ThunderCats [Spanish] 

Message Boards and Forums [16]

[Character List - Sound Clips]   

[Character List - Sound Clips]   

[Character List - Sound Clips]BKingKat's ThunderCat Chat Forum   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Cheezey's Thundercats Zone   

[Character List - Sound Clips] ThunderCats Comic Thread     

[Character List - Sound Clips]Mumm-ra's Forum

[Character List - Sound Clips]TCA Message Board   

[Character List - Sound Clips]TCATGR   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Third Earth Bulletin

[Character List - Sound Clips]Third Earth CJB Net Board   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Thundercats FanFiction Ideas...   

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats Fan Forum  

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCubs Forum

[Character List - Sound Clips]Wildstorm ThunderCats Board


List Servs and Groups [8]

[Character List - Sound Clips]Castle Plundar   

[Character List - Sound Clips]The Cat's Lair   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Code of Thundera   

[Character List - Sound Clips]TCATGR - The ThunderCat Group              

[Character List - Sound Clips] Official TCATGR Web Site               

[Character List - Sound Clips]Unofficial TCATGR Web Site     

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats Project 2000-X   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Treasures of Thundera    

Chat Rooms [3]

[Character List - Sound Clips]#ThunderCats on Afternet

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats Chat

[Character List - Sound Clips]#ThunderCats on irc.intranet.lan


Directories [3]

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats Online Fan Directory

[Character List - Sound Clips]Yahoo! Member Directory: ThunderCats  

[Character List - Sound Clips]Zuul's ThunderCats Fan Listing

Role Playing Games [8]

[Character List - Sound Clips]New Thundera   

[Character List - Sound Clips]New Thundera RPG   

[Character List - Sound Clips]The Purrsia Thunder RPG   

[Character List - Sound Clips]TCRPG2   

[Character List - Sound Clips]Third Earth ThunderCats - TurboDogs RPG   

[Character List - Sound Clips]ThunderCats 2000   

[Character List - Sound Clips]WhiteFang: A ThunderCats RPG   

[Character List - Sound Clips]WRPG  

Un-ThunderCats Links [8]

Collector's Edge Comics [Place where Zhie and Faero get the good stuff]  

The Command Center [Galaxy Rangers/GI Joe portal] (Ayanna)  

Faero's Lair

Slinky's Padded Room (Slinky Avenger)  

Web Candy [Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lord of the Rings portal] (Frick)  

Yozora - Night Sky [Final Fantasy Site] (Dreya)  

Adult Fan Fiction

Fantasy Writer's


ThunderCats sites with practically no content [4]

ThunderCats: The Greatest Cartoon Ever  

The Next Wave  

The Thundersource

Thunder Silver