If you are looking for any of my one shot short stories, this is where they are.  If you want to read anything longer, such as Intermission, Minuet, Slinky's Challenge, or anything else, you'll need to go to to find them, for ThunderWolf graciously has them on his site.

Fan Fiction Notes
Before delving into my fictional worlds, or perhaps after you have and are confused, you might want to stop in here to figure out just who the hell all of these other characters are.
Accidents Happen
*UNFINISHED* Panthro and Cheetara decide to do something that should have been done a long time ago - kill the mutants and lunataks. 
Ancient Spirits
This story is an explanation of how Mumm-ra became ever-living, and shows what the connection is between Mumm-ra, Mumm-rana, Tashi, and Wizz-ra.  Takes place long before the ThunderCats were born.
East and West
There is little plot, but more character development in this story, between a young cheetah named Cheetara and the Lord Claudus.
In Your Dreams
This little critter was written in the matter of about an hour at 5 a.m. after a full night of chatting and role playing posting.  It was actually an attempt at getting some feedback, as the original Intermission was finished a week and a half earlier, and had received little response.  So, I created a new online name, wrote a story, and posted it to see if I'd have any feedback, and did I ever!
Mind Over Matter
*ADULT* A story that was ''won" by Kith for posting the 6,000th post to the TCATGR message board/yahoo group.  It's a story about Alluro and Cheetara.  Warning: The real title isn't Mind Over Matter, but I didn't think it was nice to put the R-rated title on this page.
Never Again
*ADULT* Specifically written for Shark and ThunderWolf, it tells the tale of a man-fish's goal of keeping his lion all to himself.  There's an homage to one of my favorite fanfic writers in this story, as well.  Bonus points if you find it and know who it is.
One Evening In Spring
*ADULT* This takes place before many of the adventures on Third Earth happen.  Not part of the universe that the rest of the stories are in.
Quite A Night
*ADULT* This one is just bizarre.  I'm not too proud about having written it, but it was for a challenge that RD was holding in the TCATGR, and I just can't pass up a writing challenge.
Summer @ Midnight
*ADULT* This is the sequel to One Evening in Spring, and again does not fit into the universe that the rest of the stories do.
When Team Rocket's Rockin'
*ADULT* Another adult ThunderCats story?  No, no, it's actually an adult Pokemon story, if you can imagine.  I had to move it here because of the new no NC17 stories at FanFiction.Net policy.

New Thundera Public Library

What I am attempting to do with this project is create a listing of links to all of the ThunderCat fan fiction available online, by author and title.  I do not under any circumstances wish to host fan fiction here, I merely want to create a comprehensive index.