Everything Else

If it didn't fit elsewhere, this is where it's hiding.  For now, there isn't much, but it is the place where my adopted cubs hang out.

Adopted Cubs & Snarves


Panethea's Playground
I adopted Panethea, a panther cub, from the Memories of Thundera Adoption Agency back in 1999.  Since then, she's had many adventures on New Thundera and managed to be cast in both Minuet and the Intermission series.
Leonus Gruen's Club House
Leonus Gruen was adopted in 2001 from the Adamante Orphanage.  He is a saber-toothed cat cub just about a year younger than Panethea.  The two of them get along fairly well, but have tended to have scuffles now and then.  Leonus has yet to be introduced into any of the fan fiction as of this time, but will most likely make an appearance beginning in part four of Intermission.
Cheetah Cubs
These two cheetah cubs were just recently adopted this year from the Adamante Orphanage.  I had planned only to adopt Leonus Gruen, but on one of the return visits with him on a follow-up appointment, I spied these two running through the halls and causing general mischief.  (Basically, they had a box of crayons and knew how to use them.) So here they are.  Different as night and day, I doubt that they'll appear in any fanfiction for a while just because I have yet to get Leonus into anything more than riffs.  
Reuthanya's Room
An unexpected addition, Reuthanya is a shy lion cub, adopted in December of 2002 from the Adamante Orphanage.  She doesn't have the same sneakiness that the other four cubs do, and since it's a full house already, I do believe she'll be the only one.  Because she's not been around very long (about two hours, as of the moment I write this), I do not have her in any of the stories...yet.

During the golden age of Thundercatism online, Jetkitten had a business selling snarf servants.  Like everyone else, I jumped on the band wagon (or perhaps it was a circus train) and picked up a few for myself.  Pretty soon, I wasn't just a snarf keeper, it seemed I was a snarf breeder.  Oh, don't give me that look, just click on the link. 

Games, et. al.

Drunken Bengali's Stuff
Back by popular demand, this was likely the most traveled spot in Panthro's Pad back when it was being updated.  It has made a return, and as soon as I get all of the old bits and pieces up, I'll have to add some of the new things I've been working on over the years.
ThunderCats Fan Directory
In an attempt to gather together a listing of all the cats and kittens in this fandom, I've begun a Fan Directory.  This was a joint idea between ThunderWolf and myself, and I hope it works well.  I don't have anyone listed yet, but you can add your information to the list by going here.
ThunderCats Magnet Board
I found a great little script to use, but on what?  And then I knew - a magnetic board!  Stop by, arrange the words, get inspired.

Random Thoughts, Musings, and Mutant Waste

All About Zhie
Who is this crazy character?  And who's the mastermind behind it all?  Yeah, okay, so you really don't care...but both of you who do can click to find out!
Fan Fiction Awards
While few and far between, I've had a few awards for the fan fiction I've done.  Surprisingly, it was for one of the much lesser known stories, and one which included very few actual ThunderCats in it - but I just take 'em where I can get 'em.
Par-O-Dy-O-Rama: The Thunder Source
You've heard of the site, now take a look at it under the microscope with Dr. Zhie, Panthro, and Haldir.  
SOS! (Save our Smithy!)
Oh, no!  They killed Bengali! You bastards!
Site Awards
Unrelated to those won for fan fiction, these awards are for site content or design, specifically, of this site.
So You Want to Build A ThunderCats Web Site
What, mine isn't good enough for you?  Fine, be that way.  But just to show I'm a good sport about it, here's a bunch of places you should check that will make your job a whole lot easier.
September 11th Memorial Page
This page was seen as the front page of this site during the anniversary of September 11th, and will likely be seen each anniversary.

Time Wasting Tidbits Elsewhere

Clicking on the links below will take you to other places.  Some are parts of ThunderCats sites by others, some are ThunderCats-related materials in amongst various content.  

Badoona Productions
Under the computer games section, there are two ThunderCats-related games in progress: ThunderCats and Jaga's Logs. 
Beat Up Widdaw
This game was just recently created by BKingKat, the Flash enthusiest of the group.  He's created a few other Flash productions, including a nice tribute to Bob McFadden (voice of Snarf and S-s-slithe) which you can get to directly from the voice actors page here, or you can visit his site and see everything he has to offer here.
Chat Simulator
Wonder what it would be like to chat with the ThunderCats online.  Now you can...sort of.  Using Purrsia's Chat With The ThunderCats game, you can see how  well you'd get along with your favorite felines.
Half Human, Half Animal, They're ThunderCats!
Another of Matt's great articles, this one is a description of the cats themselves.
Thundecats Swearing Like Sailors
Though many sites have a few outtakes here and there of the cursing cats, this one is the oldest I am aware of.  Thunderwolf, er, Grune's site, has quite a few, as does Cheezey's site.  Cheezey's even has a collection of spliced sounds, which are even more interesting that the originals.
ThunderCats Game - Atari Style
I'm not sure if this originally was an atari game or a commodore game or what it was, but someone took the time to load all that you need and to type directions on how to load and play this game.  Takes a bit to get everything in order, but worth it.
ThunderCats: The Lost Audition Tapes
Another BKingKat creation, this beauty shows the various actors that didn't make the casting cut.
ThunderCats Memory Game
Found at Purrsia's site, I went there to get the link and spent twenty minutes playing it!  She's going to kill me for eating up bandwidth, very, very addictive.
Thundercats: The Movie
I want to start by thanking the academy and saying that this is a hoax.  Do not believe what has been written here, or the poster.  It's quite nicely designed, but it is all a fake.  So don't try to find it at Blockbuster, the minions working there will only have a good laugh on your time if you do.
ThunderCats Word Search
This time-waster can be found on Purrsia's site, and gives you five choices of puzzles.  Even if you play a puzzle once, it'll mix the words up for you if you want to play it a second, third, or tenth time.
Tomb of Mumm-ra Game
It's a Cartoon Network original...not.  The game is an awful lot like Lode Runner, except that instead of being eaten by monks, you're being cannibalized by mummies.  Go figure.  Good for a few minutes of down time.  Shockwave is required to play, but can be downloaded for free.
Who Could Host the Better Parties, Mumm-Ra or Lion-o?  Battle of the Castles!
This very entertaining article, written by a guy named Matt (same one who re-did Exodus, for those who have been to the library), pits Cat's Lair against the Black Pyramid for a show down to see whose pad rocked and whose was a pile of rocks.