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I have very little to offer at this time, mostly because when I moved I packed everything away where it would be safe.  That also means where I can't find it.  Shortly after the move, one of the sites I had been working on which held my Thunder Art decided to go and cost money, so everything was lost before I knew it.  I'm slowly finding copied versions or disks with an image or two, so it will be some time before there is much up here.  But, until then, there's always my version of Panthro and Cheetara.

The images shown are reduced from their original size, so that the viewer can see all or most of the picture without having to scroll up and down.

*ADULT* Well, only because there is nudity, but then, there was nudity in Exodus.  This picture goes with the story One Evening in Spring, and I honestly can not remember if I drew the picture before or after the story.  I think it was before, because I have memories of the people in the chat room commenting on the drawing before I even joined the Treasures of Thundera list.


At one time, I was trying to design a deck of cards with the ThunderCats pictures on it.  The idea was that I would have time to get them done for my wedding to hand out to guests, but all I finished was this picture and the jokers (Wilykit and Wilykat).  Jaga was going to be the Ace of Spades.  Someday I'd like to finish the idea, but I think I'll redo the picture, because I did it with no reference, and it's absolutely obvious.


This is the title I affectionately give to my main 'universe' of stories, which includes East and West, Sins of the Fathers, and Intermission.  The picture is actually the second version of it, and yet, still not quite right.  It wasn't until Faero and were dating seriously that my artwork improved to what it was for the famed Panthro and Cheetara picture (see below).  I was still not getting all of the measurements right back in 1998.


*ADULT* Again, no one's doing the deed in this picture, but their is nudity, which puts it in that very grey area.  I didn't like the way this one turned out only because I have her too many spots.  But it wasn't bad for a quick sketching.


I did this one for two of my on-line pals (partners in crime?), ThunderWolf and Shark.  The outcast part refers to an elite group of ThunderCats 'renegades', one might call it, that disbanded sometime ago. *UPDATED* I cleaned up this picture a little, getting rid of the fuzziness around the edges somewhat.


Mother of Bengali and Tygra in my world of fan fiction, she is also the mate of Kano, her uncle.  She appears in Sins of the Fathers, and will appear again if I ever write the rest of the history of Thundera according to Zhie.


Father of Panthro and Ventis, Kime met an untimely death at a young age.  He appears in Sins of the Fathers as well, and is mentioned in the Intermission series.


This is by far my favorite of my fan fiction creations, perhaps almost as much as my own online avatar.  He is an ocelot, and also appears in Sins of the Fathers, and is mentioned and appearing in other stories.


Drawn specifically for the first Intermission, Chase and Thera are the son and daughter of Panthro and Cheetara.

This picture goes with the final scene of Intermission 3, in which ThunderWolf and Shark acquaint themselves with one another after having tried to kill each other in the previous Intermission 2.

Also known as Shark's Birthday Surprise, this was done for, as if one couldn't guess, Shark's birthday.


Since it has come to my attention that a number of fans are looking for places to find Thundercat art, Thundercat images, and other related materials, I've decided to try to list as many links as I can find and remember that will lead to ThunderCat Fanart, ThunderCat Images, and ThunderCat Picture Collections.  Please note, nothing listed below is hosted here, so if the link doesn't work, it's not my problem.  If you find anything out there that you'd like others to see, send me a message at, and be sure to include where you found it, and your name so that I can give you credit.  Thanks!

Recent additions are highlighted in green.

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