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August 11, 2005

Updated the first section of the Lynx page.  So very sad to see so many sites gone.  Also changed a few layout things on the homepage to clear that up and started to rename the pics that just had numbers.  At one time, I knew what all the numbers meant but now in my old age...

October 20, 2003

September is always my hiatus month.  Summer Reading program comes to an end, school year starts on campus, so between the jobs, I'm more than busy.  Besides that, it's my anniversary, and I try to take a few days off.  Three years now for Faero and I.  This was a much better anniversary than the first two, I must say, but I'd like to add a note here that we shouldn't forget about what happened two years ago.  I didn't put up the page for it this year, but it's still here for those who want to see it.

Now, on to the updates.  There have been a number of things tweaked, but the main thing is the ThunderArt Gallery!  The October 2003 Artist of the Month is Al, and for November, Jotun is in the gallery.  Both galleries are currently available, as are all of the part galleries.  Check them out!

Also, if you're wondering why updates have been sporadic, take a look at what I've been working on in Lothlorien, my fairly new site relating to Tolkien's elves from Lothlorien.  Okay, so there's only five of them...but that makes it easy to keep the names straight...

Oh, and I have a Live Journal now, thanks to Frick and Purrsia.  Check it out here.

August 21, 2003

Lots of new stuff!  A few new episodes are synopsized, a new award, and a new snarf bashing!

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